Decisions, Decisions!!!

I’ve tried playing ‘500’

This was not my thing

I’ve been having Bridge Lessons

My heart still does not sing

But what it takes to rock my boat

Is something else I’m thinking

I haven’t found it yet my dears

And my boat is slowly sinking.

Writing is the closest yet

To filling up my heart

So writing down all sorts of things

Is where I need to start.

I need to actually write the stuff

That is sitting in the drawers

Waiting for a rainy day

I am a rebel WITH a cause.

I have the drafts I have  the tools

To complete the job in hand

I simply must apply myself

In order to make a stand.

I’ll set the plan in place right now

I’ll set aside the time

To record in posterity all my stuff

In Prose but mainly in Rhyme.

And when some others find these words

I pray that they won’t scoff

But when they find it I won’t mind

For I will have tootled off.


Arohanui XXX OOO




Day 16 Let Peace Begin With Me

On this World Peace Day

I need to write some thoughts

I need to keep it simple

And not expose too many warts

But after all the suffering

That in the world exists

We need to be kinder to each other

And thoughtlessness resist

Those headlines from around the world

With children hurt and lost

This is not right nor should it be

If Caring was our host.

All people on earth have had a parent

All have been loved by someone

So why is here so much hatred

Underneath the warming sun?

How can man be so unkind

To his brother at this time

Surely he must feel something

When committing these acts of crime!

My friends in Islam and other beliefs are so generous and loving

They share their love with me

Peace and Love mean the same

To men and women who are free.

I know that all our gods are not the same

But many virtues are shared

By all religions in our earth

To find them some have dared

Love and Peace are high on the list

hey are strong and need no explanation

Please Dear God wherever you are

Save those warring nations

And bring some Peace to those who are fighting

And Love to them as well

For now more than any other time

We need your Compassion more than we can tell.


Praying for Peace Here and Everywhere, Now and Forever


Arohanui XXX


Day 14

I PURPOSEfully missed out yesterday

We had a lot to do

And so today I’ll write some more

To share my position with you

Dave Boland one of John’s dearest friends

From Aorangi Ski Club days

Invited us to lunch in Waikanae

His cooking for to praise.

Dave’s dear wife Kay died last year

After being unwell for a very long time

But he is doing very well

As his own personal mountain he does climb.

Dave welcomed us into his home

It was warm and smelled so good

Penny arrived with a salad

She lives in the neighbourhood.

Dave had prepared two delicious soups

One was Tomato and Basil and one was Pea and Ham

Followed by Coq au Vin, and Champignon

Dauphinoise Potatoes…there was no lamb

Ralph and Cheryl also came

And around the table we sat

It is so lovely to share good food

With wine as we have a chat.

After lunch Dave brought out the cheese

The conversations carried on

It is a real privilege to be able to

Talk till the day is gone.

Finally we had coffee

And moved into the lounge

And then the weather packed right in

We hadn’t had to scrounge.

Wild and windy

Along with some hail

Though not enough

To fill a pail.

And when it stopped

We said, ‘Goodbye’

And homeward we went

In our cars no need to fly.

Being retired means having the time

To catch up with friends from the past

It’s important to keep in touch I feel

For we never know how long we will last.

And getting back to this 30 Day Blog

It has been a good thing to do

If only to work out that I have what I want

Without ending up in a stew.











Day 13

I said I would do it and I will

I am nearly half way there

With 13 Blogs written up

And I’ve still got most of my hair

I am sicking to rhyme because I can

I haven’t had much feedback at all

I’m wondering whether I’m accessible

Or whether I should give Natalie a call.

It’s raining out here in Foxton

It started just after we finished mowing the lawn

And now with a sultana cake in the oven

I do no have too much to mourn.

We had lunch with our dear friend Cathy

Who popped in just to say, “Hello”

Kedgeree and John’s bread, just a little,

goes a long way don’t you know.

So this particular day is a relaxer

Time to gather ourselves together

Here in Foxton we have climate

Very different to weather.

Tomorrow we’ve a lunch date with Dave Boland

His daughter is married to the Bishop

Dave calls himself the best cook in Kapiti

So once we start eating we’ll not stop.

Being retired is a good thing

I do not want riches and fame

I think I have the life that I want

It’s good that we’re not all the same!!!


Day 12 USP

Ooops! It is now Day Twelve

And I missed out one or two

But I’ve had things to do

Yes I’ve had things to do

I still feel as though

I’m in he wrong place

I don’t know whether

I’m in the right space

Selling myself

is really not me

My Unique Special Proposal

Does not set me free

I am too whakama

Too afraid of rejection

What makes you think you’re good at this?

Will I stand up to inspection?

I look at what others

Offer to the world

And my offerings are few

And my flag is unfurled

So here we are

Having to decide

Whether or not

I should have taken up this ride.

Only 18 more blogs

The countdown is on

I’m sorry Natalie

My opportunity has gone

Arohanui XXX


An Ode to the Sunday Roast

What better way is there

To start one’s week,

Than to carve and share

A well roasted piece of meat?

Surrounded on the plate

With vegetables assorted

Potatoes crisp and golden

Plus kumara, parsnip, carrot, pumpkin, intentions thwarted.

The correct accompaniment

For the various kinds

Could include horse radish

For beef made by Heinz

Or Mint Sauce

For that delicious leg of NZ Lamb

And/or Mustard

If you want a baked piece of ham

The cheapest roast is chicken

And we can make it last

For up to 4 days

With soup in the freezer

and Bubble and Squeak for breakfast

And then of course, of course, of course

With Roast of Pork

It has to be Apple Sauce!

And let’s not forget the greens

And the gravy too

For making the very best Sunday Roast

For me and you.

It has been the habit

For our entire married life

To have a Roast on Sunday

Even when we experienced strife.

For although one is spending

$20.00 or more on the joint

The YMCA* meals after (*Yesterday’s Masterpiece Cooked Again!)

To an executive level one could appoint

Thus rendering the cost

Of this all too expensive sounding meal

To an affordable level

Which could make any frugal person squeal

With delight and rush to buy more

Of this affordable fare

As they rush to the door.

So let us shout and rejoice in delight

And reinstate the Sunday Roast

Starting TONIGHT!

Arohanui XXX


Peace and Tranquility

Peace and Tranquility

Can we market these?

Or are these states of mind

Available for free?

How can I impart to you

What works for my own self

This meditative state I have

That fills jars on the shelf.

By breathing in and noticing

The fragrances that pass

Nature and her beauty

Half full is my glass.

For if it was half empty

My peace would be not here

And I would need to reassess


Day 8 Peace and Tranquility

Peace and Tranquility

Can we market these?

Or are these states of mind

Available for free?

How can I impart to you

What works for my own self

This meditative state I have

That fills jars on the shelf.

By breathing in and noticing

The fragrances that pass

Nature and her beauty

Half full is my glass.

For if it was half empty

My peace would be not here

And I would need to reassess

And go and pour a beer

Although my friends I do not enjoy

This brown and frothy drink

Red or white a wine is mine

Or sherry perhaps methynx

Arohanui XXX


Day Seven The Tools I am Using

Today I was asked

To list the tools

That I was utilising

To keep to the rules

My 30 day Blog

Is 1/4 way through

And I am pleased

With what I set out to do.

I don’t really want

To have too much money

Or be involved in frenzy

I do not find that funny

Rather i wish for

A life that is simple

A life with my loved ones

With smiles and with dimples

I do need to eat

And have somewhere to shelter

But I do not want life

On a fast Helter Skelter

I’d like to do things right

And then write the report

And I like my church work

And maybe Victim Support

Our garden is planted

We’ll reap what we sow

And if there’s some work

Then to work i shall go

Just to earn a few dollars

I don’t need too much

As long as we can afford

What we need and say in touch.

I’ve strayed from the topic

The tools that I am using

But I will incorporate these now

Before I get a right bruising


I utilise often

Positive Thoughts in meditation

My planning does soften

I opened a PENZU

And started to journal

I’ll do this in prose

Some find rhyming infernal.

I have an account

With those who like Twitter

But I’m using the freebies

As I do not like to fritter.

So these are my tools

Dear Natalie please tell me

If this is what you need

Please do not repel me

I have downloaded a photo

I’ve added some Pink

Please let me know Natalie

Just what you think.

I look forward to receiving

Some feedback quite soon

Whether on Pinterest

Or a Big Red Balloon.

Have a great day

Whatever you do

I hope to hear very soon

From dear you.

Arohanui XXX